Reach Out for Nepal – Posted 28/06/16

We are delighted to confirm that our 2016 Reach Out for Nepal Day was a huge success. As announced by John Rowell as the day/night concluded the running total for this year has stormed past the £6,000 figure raised last year, so we have beaten our target already but don’t let that stop you if you want to help the Melamchi School, .

Below is a brief resume of the day as it un-folded, any inaccuracies are simply because I wasn’t always there at the time:-

Friday 24th 9:46 pm – Paul sets off on the first of 13 runs supported by Sion, Kean & Dorina cheered on by Marion, Sandra, John, Roy & Phil.

Saturday 25th at approx. 4:25 am – Paul, Ali & Sandra begin the return from Llyn Crafnant by turning their headtorches off.

7:30 am – Cafe opens for normal trade & ‘Reach Out for Nepal’ Day. Gaby’s Dal Bhat is on the menu.

8:00 am – Sees the first walkers led by Cerdded Conwy Walks as well as Fraser, Nick & Dave arrive at the Cafe for a series of ‘Cafe Walks’ throughout the day.

09:00 am – Twiggy & Peter price arrive, set up stall in our foyer to sell crafts as well as help out wherever they can.

10:00 am – Sara begins a series of Yoga for the Outdoors classes which run throughout the day.

12:00 pm – Mike Lees arrives & will soon begin his Roll the Coin at the bottle game, a great success, clearly the odd customer or two likes the odd tipple or three!

5:10 pm – Paul with magnificent support from Maggie & Alwyn Oliver sets off for his 12th run, this 12 miler would be his un-doing.

6:30 pm – Ian Draisey & fellow cyclists arrive at the Cafe some 65 miles into their 105 mile Charity bike ride.

8:00 pm – Charity Auction hosted by Mike Lees gets off to a flying start with Doug Scott’s signed print of Dougal Haston climbing the Hillary Step going for £351.00.

8:22 pm – Paul, Maggie & Alwyn return to the Cafe, with ‘Lucky 13’ now clearly beyond him both due to time & knee, plan B is hatched.

8:45 pm – Paul & Dorina head out for truncated ‘Lucky 13’ to round the total run up to 95 miles, they return at 9:26 pm to a very warm round of applause.

9:00 pm – Mike Lees charity quiz gets underway, the atmosphere in the Cafe by now is electric.

11:30 pm – The day winds up, chats, thank you’s & appreciation all round, quite simply a wonderful day in aid of a great cause, thank you all.

Now for some specific thanks in no specific order, if you are not mentioned please don’t take offence, we saw you & we appreciated your contributions.

John & Marion – For hosting proceedings, recording it in Photo’s, support on the lead-in & no doubt the coming days & weeks ahead.

Mike Lees – Tremendous effort with his ‘Quiz’s with Altitude’, as well & games, auction & Quiz on the day itself, all given freely with no expenses (despite them being considerable) claimed, simply great Mike!

Dorina, Gaby, Ady, Titi, Simona & Rebecca – For keeping the Cafe open as normal whilst helping make the day such a great success.

Twiggy & Peter Price (& friends) – For their continued support & efforts on the day itself.

Cerdded Conwy Walks & all the Walk Leaders – For their help & support in guiding walks & being supportive of the cause.

Sara Jackson – Yoga lessons & continued support.

Ian Draisey – Charity Cycle Ride & a warm wave as I returned to the Cafe for the 11th time.

Sion, Kean, Dorina, Ali, Alwyn, Sandra, Tim, Steve, Phil, & Maggie – Fantastic team of support runners who got me through a hard but very memorable day. You know it but I’ll re-state it nonetheless, couldn’t have done it without you guys!

To conclude for now our support for the Melamchi School will continue, more than a year on from the devastating Earthquake we feared would people still be willing to give their time & or money, you have proved our fears were un-founded, thank you!

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