Paul’s Blog – Posted 23/08/16

So where have I been these last 4 weeks, well one things for certain not running enough but with the sun shining this afternoon that will change!

In truth I’ve been hidden away on the Pots at weekends as we continue to have our busiest days on record since opening our doors in March 2012. When not at the Cafe decorating at home (the list goes on) has beaten the runs into a distant second although I did get out with SPJ in the Coed y Brenin last Thursday.

The repeat & new customers this summer have been great to see with many taking advantage of our extended evening Opening Hours of 8:00 pm, but of course not everything can go right all of the time. Large groups even if they have taken the time to pre-book inevitably can create delays in being served for both themselves & others & this can be compounded if people start to vary the ingredients they want. Most people relax & enjoy the atmosphere during this wait for freshly cooked food some don’t & we must accept our shortcomings where deserved & try to do better. Just remember, when you smile we smile, when you don’t we must try to smile no matter how tired we may feel, our apologies when we get it wrong unless of course you were downright rude in the first place. Thankfully these instances are few & far between. Providing the service we do continues to be very rewarding on many levels but most of all in meeting & dealing with so many great Outdoor enthusiasts.

Time now to try & avoid any disappointments this coming weekend on three fronts:-

Firstly – With a busy Bank Holiday expected if you want to avoid the disappointment of turning up & not finding a table it might be prudent to phone us in advance & book a table before hand.

Secondly – Don’t forget we have an Open MIC Night this Saturday a great way to chill out after a day on the mountains.

Thirdly – From & including Bank Holiday Monday we revert back to our Normal Closing hours, this means that on Bank Holiday Monday itself we are closing at 6:00 pm. Therefore if you want an evening meal you’ll need to be with us by 5:45 at the latest, sorry if that is an inconvenience but there are only so many work hours in our legs, we hope you understand this decision.

On a separate note don’t forget that the week ahead has a couple of classic Fell races to attend (probably best as a spectator unless you are a demon descender). These are the Tryfan Downhill Dash this Thursday & Cnicnht this Sunday, more details of both are on our Events page.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday whatever plans you have for it, there is a whiff of good weather in the air, Snowdonia is here waiting for you!

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