Snow in Snowdonia

News from the summits is that despite warmer temperatures & a good deal of rain there is still plenty of snow around above 2,500′. On Saturday my mate Chris & I were on Snowdon’s Pyg track & had Crampons on by the time we reached the Miner’s Track junction. Although it had softened to allow some kicking in the odd idiot taking on the top of the Zig-Zags without the right kit was really struggling, do they understand one slip is all it takes? Anyway we had a great time & headed out once again yesterday onto the Carneddau. Falling temperatures after Monday’s rain had left a firm crust with only the odd un-expected sinking feeling as we traversed from Pen yr Ole Wen to Llewelyn on a beautiful day with little or no wind. Looks like we were lucky with that weather window as the forecast is more suited to the kayakers for the next couple of days but with the snow still being pretty deep on it should still be a White Christmas for those aiming high at least.

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