Reach Out for Nepal Day – 23rd June 2018 – Part One

I am pleased to announce that things are now well in hand for our 4th Reach Out for Nepal Day with another wide variety of Events taking place in or around the Cafe, something for everyone. But rather than cover them specifically in this update I’ll list them on the Events page but please note that the list is likely to become extended in the coming weeks so click into the Events page periodically to get the most up to date information.

I met up with Doug Scott CBE a week or so ago & he and Anne were most helpful in both giving me an update on the School & it’s Hostel buildings as well as giving me a variety of items to help raise funds for CAN’s general fund, I’ll tackle the latter of these first before giving a summary of progress on the School.

Doug has given me a further 26 Signed copies of his ‘The Ogre’ book which are now on sale at the Cafe for £20 each with 100% of funds raised going direct to CAN. The previous 26 copies sold out fast so if you haven’t read this fascinating account of both this iconic mountain & Doug’s epic escape please be quick of the mark to secure your copy.

Doug also gave me 12 Signed Copies of the first part of his Autobiography ‘Up & About’, these are also now on sale at the Cafe for £24, again 100% of the proceeds will be going to CAN.

In addition he also gave me 8 new prints to sale, 6 have a Reserve price of £250 each & two have a lower reserve of £200 but note these are both of Lenin Peak, a mountain I have a connection with & so may well be buying one for myself. Again all proceeds from these prints will go to CAN.

Now onto the school itself, despite many setbacks over the last couple of years due to land & access issues I am very pleased to announce that significant progress has been made over the winter months. Three of the Girls Hostel Blocks & One of the Boys Blocks are now complete & better still occupied bringing an end to sleeping under temporary tarps. for some of the pupils. A further two boys hostel blocks are built up to roof level as is the Girls Toilet & Bathroom block & work has also commenced on the Boy’s Toilet & Bathroom block.

As to the School buildings themselves plans were still being revised & finalised during CAN’s last visit in late 2017. A couple of days after our meeting Doug & Trish Scott together with other members of CAN flew out for a 3 week review of CAN’s various projects, this will include a visit to the Melamchi School so we can expect a fuller update by the end of May so keep watching this space.

As for our Reach Out for Nepal team I provisionally agreed with Doug that a visit to the School from a member/members of our team should be scheduled for late November/early December this year when to co-incide with CAN’s next visit, should all things continue to move forward with a pace, we can get a hands on impression of the fruits of the funds we (with so much of your support & generosity) have raised. This was always a long term aid project making it all the more heartwarming that great progress is in hand, Doug & his excellent team deserve the greatest applause & support we can give them.

As for myself, last year’s run has left me feeling I need to ease off a bit this year & recent feet problems have emphasised this, but there is a challenge planned & you are welcome to join in be you a runner or a walker, it could well be a great day in the hills for us…….

Hope to see many of you at this years ROFN Day, it’s only 2 months away!

PS. To date our running total for 2018 funds raised is £1,589.89, thanks for this are largely due to the collective efforts/generosity of Twiggy & Peter Price, Rob Collister, Maggie Oliver, Trefoil, Rachel Bolton & Rob Johnson, thanks guys.

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