Paul’s Blog – Ultra Trail Wales – Part One

Well that’s it physical prep & route knowledge recce’s are now complete, I can’t do anymore except keep the wine bottle corked & eat to a plan over the final 3 days before race day itself.

Before I go any further please note that any fellow competitors who are Male & in the O.50’s category are forbidden to read this blog, I’ve done the hard yards in gaining knowledge & would consider it un-gentlemanly if you pick my limited brain to beat me!

Here follows my 3 week lead in:-

Week 1 – Plan 50 miles – Actual 35 Miles, excuse (fair), the 15 miler planned for the Sunday was scuppered by the Cafe’s 2nd busiest day on record but at least that saw me take over 25,000 steps just serving food & clearing tables.

Week 2 – Plan 65 Miles including two 20 milers – Actual 71 Miles including a 20 miler & 15 miler (curtailed from 20 due to nappy rash, top tip don’t treat area with a sweaty hand). Excuse, none needed very pleased especially having gone out in an Armageddan deluge on Sunday to break through the 70 barrier.

Week 3 – Plan 35 Miles & an additional walking recce of leg 1 (Cader Idris traverse, 15 Miles) – Actual 41 Miles (22 & 19 miler’s) plus the walking recce with the running miles also seeing me recce leg 2 & part of leg 3. Excuse, none needed, very pleased except foot pain on the final recce that saw me running 9 miles for home.

So all in all very pleased with that, the recce’s have given me renewed & new route info. a shoe choice decision (forfeit a bit of grip for comfort) & a race strategy (start slow, stay slow & then hopefully make headway with something left in the tank for the ‘run able’ forest tracks that dominate the 2nd half of the route.

Thanks to Richard for uploaded route onto my Garmin (also helped me to understand the route is 85K (of which I’ve recce’d 74) & not 80K, very important for the mind), Fraser & Neal for joining me on the leg 1 recce, Dorina for dropping me to Barmouth for leg 2 & then facing the Dentist alone (she got her own back by adding spiteful amounts of Chilli to the meal that awaited me upon my return). Thanks too in advance to team Rowlands who are supporting me on the day, I will try not to abuse you with self pitying grunts.

To all those joining me on the start line, we have a big day ahead, would we want it any other way, let’s go through the pain barriers & enjoy ourselves!

Cheers along the way, be you a Marshall or spectator, will be very warmly received.

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