Paul’s Blog – Races coming thick & fast

As I watched highlights of the Diamond League meeting last night (unusual for me to put a book down & watch the box but an inner sense must have made me do it) my two main train of thoughts were a) life is un-fair, b) need to go back to Stockholm!

In truth the life is un-fair bit was only temperature related & upon reflection miss-placed. Nearly a year to the day I had run the Stockholm marathon in blistering 28 degree heat with only cold showers along the route, frequent stops at the drink stations & a fair bit of stupidity keeping me going. Yesterday’s elite athletes however got an icy blast which looked like they were in sub-zero temperatures & shivering like I’d been in Manchester last month. Yes on reflection Dorina’s & my weather experience in Stockholm had put the icing on the cake of a fantastic trip.

Of course last year being in Stockholm I missed the Welsh 1,000 Metre Peaks race/races. Having taken part in one form or another for 7 years it was a bit of a blow but tomorrow sees me back & I like so many others am really looking forward to being a part of this great event. I’m in the long fell race, The Pyg track, the walkers, their poles, why am I doing this, oh now I remember!

With a claggy forecast early on, navigation looks to be an issue so rather than rely on a memory that falters the compass has been out, key readings taken & recorded but be warned you follow me at your own peril & at no great speed! Good luck to all taking part in the various races laid on by Harvey Lloyd & his band of volunteers.

Last weeks Moelwyn Race was as great as ever, I’ve clearly got out of practice in descending tricky ground (never a strong point with me) but it was great to meet up with so many friends whilst being given a running lesson by some seriously good athletes further up the field. Race organiser Gonks Hughes & his team need to take a lot of credit, one question please Gonks, can we keep that finish next year?

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