Paul’s Blog – Quiz Night & New Charity Challenge – Posted 13/04/15

A very big thank you to Mike Lees for yet another very successful Quiz on Saturday evening. Mike you were a star, if it was you rather than Ed up against Cameron I might even…..!

A big thank you too to all those who turned out, 17 teams including 4 from OVMRO themselves plus one from the Sponsors Cotswold Outdoor, prizes were also donated by Georg, Sarah & others, this just added to the comaraderie of the event.

A great night out in which £500 was raised for OVMRO with Mike’s support why wouldn’t we plan more so watch this space in the Autumn.

Moving on & having brought the subject more out into the open in the pub last night (pubs!) I have finally decided to announce a charity challenge I have been thinking off for the last 12 months, more details to follow but on Sunday 28th June one week before the Siabod Fell Race (which frustratingly I can’t take part in) I plan to take on a ‘Siabod Summit Challenge’.

The essence is to see how many times I can reach the summit of Moel Siabod within the hours of daylight. Starting from the Cafe at sunrise & descending to it after each summit thereafter my last summit of the day will need to be before sunset. I have yet to check sunrise & sunset times or indeed set a firm target, this I will do soon but for now if anyone fancies accompanying me on a leg or two you would be more than welcome to tag along, just contact me.

My chosen charity is CLIK Sargent, Fraser & I visited their operations in Bristol in 2013 to see what wonderful work they do in supporting children diagnosed with cancer & their families throughout their treatment.

It will be a busy June, first weekend Welsh 1,000’s, second weekend Liverpool Marathon, third weekend Coed y Brenin Trail Half Marthon, Fourth weekend Siabod Summit Challenge, by then I’ll either be flying or crawling up it, hopefully the former!

All donations will be greatfully received & can be made at the cafe or telephoned to Dorina on 01690 720429.

My guess at this stage is 6 or 7 summits would be possible but in Capel the weather…..!

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