Paul’s Blog – Posted 13/09/16 – Reach Out for Nepal Update

Part 2 – Thanks to all at CAN (Community Action Nepal)

On my way to The Lakes I called in at CAN’s offices to meet up with Ruth for the first time. Ruth & I have e-mailed frequently since our Reach Out for Nepal has linked up with Doug Scott’s charity but it was great to meet her in person. Relaxed conversation with Coffee & Biscuits led to a discussion about Doug’s signed prints which we have been selling through the Cafe. Prior to my visit we had sold 9 of the 11 prints which Doug gave us in February, could we have more?

Well I’m delighted to announce that the answer via relayed calls with Doug that the answer was yes, will ten be O.K. I was then allowed to choose them myself, couldn’t resist an extra 11th, a spectacular shot of ‘Wind Blasted Ice on Kangchenjunga’ so I asked for that & Ruth agreed to ask Doug. Whatever the answer it was agreed that I’d pick up the prints on my return from Skye thereby avoiding the risk of having them in my car whilst out on the hills.

10 days later I was welcomed once again by Ruth as well as Anne & loading the prints including No. 11 into the car.

The prints are great shots & signed by Doug as well as other mountaineering luminaries such as Messner & Chris Bonnington, some are already displayed in the Cafe, I’ve got my eye on at least one, I urge you to come & take a look, all proceeds once again going to help support CAN & their excellent work in Nepal.

Thank you Doug Scott OBE, Ruth & Anne.

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