Accident outside the Cafe – 17/05/16

Today was going to be the day that I was planning to bore you with my West Highland Way run last week but not now after the tragic fatal accident outside the Cafe earlier this morning.

I wasn’t a witness to the accident but was involved in the aftermath, it was very traumatic for all involved especially though for the lady driving the other vehicle. Our thoughts are with whoever the victim’s family & friends are & of course to the lady who is clearly in shock.

It is not for me to comment on the details of this accident as I don’t know them all but as with the two previous accidents in recent weeks, speed of vehicles in what I consider to be a built up area with a number of potential hazards is a major factor. I made this point after the most recent Mortocycle accident (the one outside our cafe although there was a later one up by the junction) to the Police & this time as with the last I have been promised by them that the Highways Officer responsible will come & listen to me & my opinions at least. Hopefully this time that will actually happen. I am aware that this has been a local concern for many years, may common sense soon prevail.

For now, if you have read this, please drive carefully through Capel Curig & any other villages, do not overtake outside our Cafe unless you are 100% sure it is safe to do so & if turning either into or out of our Cafe please be very vigilant of traffic coming both ways (that means from behind you too).

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