We are Open for Takeaways

As I drove into the Café this morning with the aim of Mothballing the Café after the Governments decision yesterday I had time to further reflect on the massive impact this would have on everybody, no eating out for weeks or months ahead, supermarkets with limited choice of food, people without human contact, the list of damaging effects went on & on, how should we react?

Thankfully en-route we stopped to pick up a newspaper & a headline I’d almost overlooked sank in ‘Takeaways still allowed’. Soon my thoughts were, can we, should we, how would we..? The planned Mothball turned into ‘we have to give it a try for both ourselves & the wider community’. At time of writing Gaby, Dorina & I are making up plans on a wing & a prayer but as off now we are Open for Takeaways providing a variety of Breakfast, Lunch & Main meal options throughout this weekend & watch this space for plans into next week & beyond. Of course we need to ask the two metre rule to be respected by everyone entering the Café but to offer you the choice to still use us just feels like the right thing to do rather than just shut up shop & take the governments handouts.

Coronavirus is a threat but so too is peoples Mental & Financial Health, we believe this decision could help us all cope in the difficult times ahead.

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