The Dragon Rally – A Thank you & Apology

Having been AWOL last weekend Snow Shoeing in the Mercontour National Park in France’s Maritime Alps, I came back to a busy Cafe on Sunday afternoon to make belated amends & clear a few tables. So it is only right that I continue my redemption by firstly thanking all those Motorbiker’s who visited our Cafe on Saturday & Sunday as part of the annual Dragon Rally. For once the weather held fair & hopefully you all had a great time in Snowdonia, it was good for the Cafe to play a small part.

To this I need to add an apology to some of our regular customers or indeed anyone else who was planning to pay us a visit on Saturday. We had a perfectly constructed plan formulated by yours truly to keep the larger car park free of bikes, all ‘great’ plans get knocked sideways, both car parks soon filled with Bikes & my plan turned into the biggest cock up since Gallipoli. Returning to the Gite Saturday afternoon after a great summit Snow Shoeing day I put the call into Dorina ‘Hi Angel, how did it go’ & got what I deserved!!

Hopefully our regulars will soon forgive us, it is just once a year & we do try our best to cater for everyone (as long as they are polite!).

This weekend sees me heading off to the Alps again, this time to Ski but definitely not AWOL, Dorina is coming too!

Hope the Snow in Snowdonia recently has given you too a chance to enjoy some more pleasing winter weather.

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