Siabod Rumdoodle Challenge Report – Posted 27/06/17

This can be read in conjunction with my own blog on my Everest challenge but if you’d prefer to avoid that simply read below for the stats. on the Eryri Relay, I’ll add a few comments based on hearsay, my apologies if they do not fully represent the realities.

Firstly all times include any additional time lost in transition between runners whilst in the café so actual times are likely to be a bit lower than stated here. Anyone sub 1:12 beat my training pb so well done for emphasising my mediocrity!

Leg 1 – Becki Law – 1:40 – ran at my pace to keep us safe & help mark the tricky nav. sections higher up. All dne before jumping on a plane to France!
Leg 2 – Steve Jones – 1:40 – ran slow again to keep me company, a minute or two lost locating markers in appalling visibility.
Leg 3 – Brian Robbins – 1:47 – taking a new non-racing line to explore new aspects of Siabod, aka got lost & took me & Peter with him.
Leg 4 – Alwyn Oliver – 1:45 – Lost a minute waiting for me to join him before we navigated our way over the summit ridge & back again, then left me for dead on the descent.
Leg 5 – Peter Durkin – 1:25 – Peter stood in for a missing Phil at no notice having already accompanied me on my 3rd Leg. By standing in he’d kept the challenge attempt alive.
Leg 6 – Tim Watson – 1:03 – Actual running time was 1:01:59 which apparently is counted as a 1:01, Tim was seen by me ascending quickly & descending like a demon.
Leg 7 – Emily Wood & her Dog – 1:28 – Fastest Ladies of the day.
Leg 8 – Phil Roberts – 1:01 – Making up for being AWOL, passed me still running & kept on running all the way, how? Got lost trying to follow a new ‘Tim’ line on the descent, just what time would he have done without this error?
Leg 9 – Gethin – 1:04 – also to be rumoured as a 1:01 actual running time.
Leg 10 – James – 1:13 – Only met James last Wednesday, really appreciated you joining in James.
Leg 11 – Gethin – 1:12 – Conditions worsening on top again, new descent route, aka got lost. Still good time despite this.
Leg 12 – James – 1:25 – Another casualty of the got lost brigade.
Leg 13 – Phil Roberts – 1:01 again – Having also escorted me on one of my legs this was now his third leg & was prior to his yogurt shopping trip for me, so AWOLism now fully forgiven.
Leg 14 – Judith Leslie & Sheree – 2:02 – Thought I might catch them but when I saw them running down my goose was cooked.
Leg 15 – Ali Thomas – 1:50 – another new descent route aka got lost but great to turn up after already running in the Hebog race.
Leg 16 – Megan Hughes – 2:12 – given route advice by Steve after which she had no chance, got lost but had views of Llyn Mymbyr from new angles on something approaching the ‘Jungle’ Robbins line. Another who’d run Hebog earlier so great effort again.
Leg 17 – Ellie Salisbury & Elsie (supported by Maggie & Alwyn) – 1:48 – the last of the runners again having already run Hebog so another great effort.

So that was the story, 16 runners taking 24 Hours & 5 Minutes to summit Siabod 17 times, but just as in Rumdoodle this amazing climbing team just missed out on the summit of Rumdoodle, did it matter, not a jot, the collective smiles for taking part in a unique run on Siabod made it for them & all those watching their progress very worthwhile. Thank you all for taking the time to do something with a bit of a difference, next year……..

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