Saturday 3rd November & Breaking News of a New Event

This coming Saturday sees us hosting Susanne’s Scholt’s Carneddau Pony Presentation with a packed house so please note that last hot food orders will be at 6:00 pm & not the usual 7:30 pm.

I am delighted to announce that our friend Rob Johnson & his Filmuphigh have chosen us as a venue to premiere his film ‘Brazilian Line’ with he date being Wednesday 28th November. Full details will be on our events page later this morning.

Finally if you here any screams in Bettws between 12:45 & 1:45 today do not call the police, it’s simply me having physio on my calves which are still as tight as hell from the Snowdon Marathon last Saturday, just why do I run ‘fast’ on tarmac? Well O.K. the scenery, the atmosphere, the supporters, the sense of achievement, definitely a case of Type 2 pain followed by Type 2 pain if you get my drift.

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