Reach out for Nepal – Posted 10/09/15

Having met up with John, Mike & Fraser on Tuesday to review our Fund Raising I am delighted to announce that we have just passed the £6,000.00 mark which is really excellent news so thanks once again to everyone who got behind us & supported us so well. The total now stands at £6,008.00

I can also announce that we are making good progress with Purma, the Melamchi School Headmaster & CAN (Doug Scott’s Charity which is committed to re-building the school & it’s associated buildings). Discussions are leading towards our Fund being specifically targetted & ring-fenced to build & equip the Science Block. Clearly this will be a Medium Term project as new Building Regulations etc. will need to be met in the wake of the devastating Earthquake.

John & Fraser are aiming to meet with CAN in October to begin to firm up the issues & timescales for this project so expect further updates from us in the months ahead.

Looking into 2016 we have committed to another fund raising day in June with a wider series of events to further support the school & it’s onward recovery & progression. We will soon announce these events but feel free to make suggestions of your own if you want to organise something specifically yourselves.

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