Reach Out for Nepal Day – 22nd June 2019

A final reminder that this years charity fund raiser for Nepal is nearly upon us, it would be great if you are able to come along, enjoy the variety of events going on at the café & help us raise funds which this year will help build an entirely new school in the remote Himalayan village of Prok.

For full details of what’s going on simply click on our Events page to see what suits you.

As to the runners among you it’d be great to have your support at some point during the day. Paul Jones, Tim Watson & I will be setting off from the Café at 4:45 am & think we will be out on the Carneddau for approximately 13 Hours. Of course the Carneddau are pretty vast & you may be thinking ‘how would I find them’ & rightly so but we hope to make that easy for you. We will be carrying a tracker which will update the café on our position every 10 minutes helping you to plan where you could meet us to either give a friendly cheer or join us for a summit or two. Non-runners can simply follow our progress on the computer screen in the café which if all goes to plan will have a new positional dot every 10 minutes.

Of course the point of the run is to help encourage donations, there is a sponsor form in the café, all donations be they big or small will be much appreciated.

Still on the running theme remember that the day will be rounded off with an evening presentation by Ali Bramall about the Original Everest Marathon (OEM). All profits from this event also go to Doug Scott’s charity, Community Action Nepal. The evening is free but of course a donation of your choice would be great. Even if you are not a runner the accompanying film ‘Children of the Snowland’ & Marathon images should make it a very enjoyable night for all. 

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