Reach out for Nepal – Charity Day 27th June

I can’t believe it has come round so fast but here we are with just 4 days to go & we are all very excited about it. Full details are on our ‘reach out for Nepal’ facebook page so I’ll only give a reasonable summary here, we hope we have something to interest everyone & that you’ll join us on the day. Except for a rather large party of North Wales Mountain Rescue Members we arn’t taking bookings it is just a case of turn up & enjoy the events as they un-fold. I’ll summarize in rough order of how the day will un-fold:

We are raising funds to help the re-building & ongoing equipping of the Melamchi Ghyang Village School in the Yolmo Valley region of Nepal.

Siabod Summit Challenge: 04:51 Accompanied by Phil Roberts I’ll set off from the Cafe on the first of what will hopefully be multiple summits of Siabod before sunset at 21:46. Anyone can join us for a leg or more simply make a small donation or seek sponsorship from others.

Siabod Footprint walk: 08:00 Dave Deer supported by Fraser will lead a walk around Siabod covering approx. 30 kilometres but with easy bail out options along the route where car pick up will be available. Feel free to join them again with small donation & or sponsorship.

Corin Hardcastle’s Charity, Yolmo Connect, as well as Nepal Children’s Trust will base themselves at the Cafe to provide interest & Information throughout the day. Corin was actually in the School when the Earthquake struck!

Sara will be at the Cafe to face paint children & the younger adults among you.

Gaby’s interpretation of the traditional Nepalese ‘Dal Bhat’ will be on our Specials Board worth a try, all proceeds go to the cause.

Mike Lees will be selling ‘Reach out for Nepal’ T shirts throughout the day, he has supplied these at his own cost, superb gesture summing him up entirely!

Audio Visuals throughout the day.

Also throughout the day Phil & I will be returning to the Cafe from our latest summit, there are threats to take photo’s of our slow dis-integration & display them to all & sundry. I don’t take selfies John so you will have to take a Fell runners word for each summit (there’s no better word than that!).

19:30 Presentations commence with anyone wishing to speak about their experiences of the Nepalese people just needing to ask John Rowell upon arrival (Aimed at 10/15 minutes each).

20:30 Mike Lees’ Nepalese Quiz – a short 30 minute Quiz with Mike’s usual attempts to fit Doctor Who & the Labour party in somewhere into the mix.

21:00 Charity Auction – More than a dozen donated items from Individuals & local Businesses, some fabulous bargains could be had but of course we want to encourage that they go for a fitting sum, credit cards at the ready please it really is for a very good cause.

Presentations & Audio visuals continue as does our extended drinks license until 23:30.

Some time after 22:00 if the plan & more importantly our bodies hold out Phil & I will make our final return to the Cafe, Gaby & Simona have ‘promised’ to summit with us on the last one, no excuses girls I’ve charged the headtorches!

Please note that excluding sunrise & sunset timings are approximate only, the day will un-fold to a natural rythem, enjoy it, remember the cause & contribute where you can.

Great support from John Rowell, Corin Hardcastle, Mike Lees & Marion Waine for helping to bring the day together & to Gaby Dorina & team who’ll be coping with the Nuts & Bolts all day.

Finally My thanks to those who have sponsored me so far, if my feet do what I tell them we are past £500 already just for the summit bit alone, great start!

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