Reach Out for Nepal – 7th & 8th August 2020

My charity run for ROFN will now start on Friday 7th August 2020 & as ever I am looking for support runners, if you are interested please click onto our events page for full details. I really hope you are able to come along & help us maximise what we can raise for the Nepalese. Nepal’s 2020 does not bare thinking about, what with an atrocious winter with deep snows throughout, Covid 19 Lockdown & now the worse monsoon weather in years it & it’s peoples really are having a torrid year.

The lead in to the run itself has been far from ideal for me as my ever increasing daily running streak has been accompanied by an ever increasing painful ankle which I’m told may have more to do with an inflamed Subtaler Joint than my Achilles. Yesterday morning I clocked up my 123rd consecutive daily run, it began well but ended in more pain than ever so the long put-off end to the streak finally became a reality ‘Paul it’s time to stop, take a 9 day break & hope things get at least more tolerable by the 7th’. For once my mind is made up 1-2-3 has a nice sound to it & a sense of relief, in mind at least, is palpable.

If on the day itself I crumble in pain early on the solo ‘race’ will still go ahead, so head for Capel & enjoy meeting up with some familiar faces, it’ll be great to see you.

Over the next week I am expecting an updated report from Community Action Nepal on the plans & timescales for the building of the new school in the remote village of Prok. It is this new school that funds raised by ROFN will be targeted at as Doug Scott & his team at CAN continue to do all they can to support Nepal.

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