Ras Moelwyn – Saturday 19th April 2014 – Start Time Correction

Thanks to Sandra Rowlands for correcting me, the race starts at 14:00 with events on the field starting at 1:00pm, although she could have done so by e-mail rather than call into the Cafe with that over-syching husband of hers, really did I have to hear about that pb of his from many moons ago. Only joking Kean & thanks for your help over in Italy even if that rear room should have been done in UK Sky blue & not the Mediterranean one.

Well it doesn’t seem like 3 years ago that I discovered this gem of a race on my old office doorstep. Of course I knew of it but being a late comer to the world of Fell racing it was some 11 months after my inaugural Fell race (Cader Idris 2010) that I first plucked up the courage to make it my first race entry of 2011. It is now a staple in my diary & this will be my fourth consecutive year of running in it. Last year before the off I remember Mike Blake saying to me he hated the early sections up to the quarries, my bemusement was soon clarified as I realised he was absolutely right! The early sections are not steep enough to simply walk but are certainly steep enough to demoralise you with the thoughts of this is bloody hard & there are still the real climbs to come much later on.
Last years pb of 1:54:54 is my target which whilst not breaking any records was a pleasing & continued improvement for me. I must be taking it seriously as yesterday I even carried out a recce of those early sections before turning back at the style above the quarries in an attempt to save my legs for race day itself. Having clocked up 65 miles in the last 9 days I am now having 2 days rest (except core exercises & pot washing, those girls show me no mercy, I can’t think what I’ve done wrong) prior to the race which kicks off at 2:00pm on Saturday.
If you haven’t tried Ras Moelwyn yet but enjoy Fell racing I urge you to give it a go, a great event despite (or for some because of) a couple of pretty full on descents on the return leg. Might see you there but one cautionary word of warning, it’s not for beginners unless you are a mad one!

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