Purple Saxifrage

Mountains arn’t just about charging up & across them or taking time to admire fabulous vista’s in varying shades of light, as anyone who has taken steps towards an ML or similar qualification will know there are some hidden treasures if we at least occasionally slow down or stop to look more closely around our feet for more than just a secure footing.

The combination of a day spent with Jim Langley of Nature’s Work & my ML Course training course with Rob Johnson as well as using my own gardening knowledge (I used to find time for that in the old days) coming in useful in Nepal as I tried with some success to identify garden plants in their native environment has helped me to appreciate more of what Snowdonia has to offer. Homework on Flora & Fauna for my ML Assessment in May still required so thanks to Jim for a recent e-mail telling me to look out for the Purple Saxifrage which should begin to shine out through the melting snow. Well I need an excuse to get out from the cafe more & this one fits the Bill.

I won’t go into details about the Purple Saxifrage as Jim has done that far better than I could so simply go to the link below, see it & read Jim’s comprehensive article. As an aside I have posted a number of course dates that Jim will be running this year & will add further dates as the year moves on. If you’ve got the time they are a great way of enhancing your enjoyment on the hill.

To find out more on The Purple Saxifrage you can visit www.climbitrange.co.uk

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