Paul’s Nepal Blog 7

Hi Again,

Well I think I’m there now & if I’m not I don’t care I’ve done enough to deserve to be!

Yesterday went well despite some initial frustrations trying to complete links within my facebook & just giving but thanks to Gaby for her perseverance despite my rising temperature. Final training session was a dash up Siabod yesterday afternoon in brightening skies. Descent was a bit slippery so trotted down carefully, no need to risk an injury at this late stage, legs felt great & foot injury has finally gone so really pleased.

Thanks to Julie, Mike & Rob for calling into the cafe yesterday evening for a send off farewell meal, thanks for the card & Rob’s emercy Jelly Baby Framed gift was a lovely idea.

Also to Phil & Martin for popping in today, looking forward to some winter walks when I get back.

Just Giving page already upto £195 since it’s launch yesterday so a thanks to all who have donated so far.

Thank you to all those I have spoken to about my trek, you have all encouraged & enthused me with your own experiences & greatly added to my excitement at the sights & adventures that await me.

Finally thank you to Dorina for understanding my need & desire to do this, I will be careful, I promise. xxx

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