Paul’s Nepal Blog 5

Only two days to go, thank god I can’t keep running around with last minute pannicks for much longer. My mind is clearly elsewhere, today alone I forgot the keys to my office in Blaenau & at a Porthmadog cash machine left the cash in the wall as I walked away with just my card, then heard a guy shouting after me as I approached two women who were thinking I must have mugged him only for me to turn round & see him waving my £100 in my face! The moral to this story is follow me to a cashpoint & you too could have the option of either becoming a good samaritan or the creator of a newly devised ‘get rich quick scheme’!

On the training front a warm thank you to Steve Peake from both me & Fraser for yesterday’s rope tuition on The Pinnacle Crag. As I doubled Jumared up I have no hesitation in confirming that I was seriously scared despite knowing that I was absolutely safe (logical thought being a constant battle to keep to the fore). The abseil went better until Fraser’s prancing around put my efforts to shame! We both felt we got so much from the exercise, Steve, we’ve said it a few times but have to extend our gratitude once more.

Picked up my final pills today (Diamox for altitude acclimatisation on which I know there is a hung jury) & have made a diary note to invest in the Pharmaceutical Industry before I announce any future trekking plans, my calculations say I could break even with such an approach & avoid drug trafficking allegations to boot!

Yesterday ended on a high when I attended a Kenton Cool lecture at Plas y Brenin (what timing as it was only announced a day earlier). From what I’ve heard about him he is a controversial figure, all I can say that his enthusiasm was great, I was on a high of emotions afterwards & that is what matters to me. Why he had to show a video of himself crossing a crevasse ladder where he appeared to be seriously unnerved will be held against him though. Until someone assures me that I will at least be tied onto a secured rope (can anyone enlighten me now) it will be sleepless nights until I meet reality?

Hope these blogs arn’t boring you but just so many emotions & thought processes going through my scrambled head right now.

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