Paul’s Blog – The Moelwyn Race

Well this felt like the start of the season for me, a little later than for some I’m sure & in reality my third race this year but the first of the ones I find a real test of stamina both physically & mentally. What a day we were blessed with, wall to wall sunshine & a cool breeze to take the edge of any potential heat, I even took a momentary glymse right as I crossed Craigysgafn to take in the views of The Horseshoe & The Glyders, little would the crowds on them know what we were up to. A few words of encouragement are ex-changed when under real pressure & this just adds to a feeling of camaraderie, no matter how good or average you are, you have something in common with those around you who are invariably sufferring to more or less the same degree as you, inevitably this rule applies no matter where you are in the field. As I edged pass a fellow Eryri runner who I can only describe as Number 211 we both buried our feet in yet another sapping bog just before the ground rose again for our final main ascent up Moel-yr-Hydd. From this last summit I was amazed not to be overtaken on the descent by all & sundry, a feeling of splendid isolation engulfed me as the long haul back to the finish was un-interrupted by the usual desire to either catch the guy in front (he was usually out of sight) or avoid being caught by runners from behind. I felt strong, avoided the need to walk & didn’t need to collapse in my usual heep on the grass after crossing the line. I’ve no idea where I finished but by doing so in 1:54:54, a new p.b., that was more than good enough to make it a great start, my thanks to all the organisers & marshalls (it would still have been cold for those higher up), how lucky I am to have belatedly taken up this hobby even if I didn’t feel too lucky when I was descending Moelwyn Bach!

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