Paul’s Blog – ROFN Charity Run – 14th May 2022

It is too early for me to fully & calmly reflect on last Friday & Saturday but I will aim to do so next week so for now I’ll simply confirm that the rumours that I got the Monkey off my back are actually correct. There will be many others to thank but again for now I must thank all of the support runners without whom there would have been no way in this world I would have been able to keep going. Here goes:-

Leg 1 – Paul Jones (NB. each leg is 10.48 Miles).

Leg 2 – Paul Jones

Leg 3 – Paul Jones (yes again, covering three of the four night legs, again easily surpassing a Marathon merely in support of me).

Leg 4 -Huw Price

Leg5 – Dorina

Leg 6 – Christian Wynne & Rebecca Roberts

Leg 7 – Mike Lees & Huw Price – Special mentions here firstly to Mike who had only just returned from his own charity wild swim, Mike was no doubt cold & hungry but on hearing I had no support runners got on his Mountain Bike & rendezvoused with me 2K in (actually meeting up without missing each other was a big relief for both of us). Secondly to Huw who on hearing of my plight decided to join us for the return leg running in what weren’t much better than slippers.

Leg 8 – Ryan Lang – Again he only came in for a breakfast. & also Jackie Edwards who joined us for the return leg.

Leg 9 – Ellie Salisbury & Carla Lauder. Also to Maggie Oliver who joined us for the last 2K.

Leg 10 – Shortened to 11K but still enough to get me safely past the 100 Mile mark – Barry Edwards, Tom Edwards, Alanah Fenwick, & Carla Lauder. The banter on this leg particularly when I was in a state of severe mental & physical distress was all amazingly surreal.

101 Miles in 22 Hours & 29 Minutes, impossible without you, thank you guys!!!

More on the day & what we raised for ROFN coming soon.

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