Paul’s Blog – Posted 26/01/16

With January almost gone I’ve finally decided what the main goals are for me for the year ahead. By year I mean the year starting 23rd March when I turn 50. I’m actually looking forward to it in a strange kind of way primarily because I move up an age category for races. Of course there are some seriously good fell runners in the O.50’s so I’m not expecting any podiums there but trail races might give me an outside chance. Add to that you can qualify for the London Marathon with a ‘Good for Age’ time of sub 3:20 (I did Liverpool last year in 3:17) & there is every hope that a weekend in London could beckon in 2017 as my reward should I achieve or even come close to one of my goals.

So here they are, six of them of which I aim to achieve at least 5, in no particular order:-

1. Sub- 3 Hour Marathon (probably the hardest one to achieve).

2. 85/100 Mile Charity run for ‘Reach Out for Nepal’ on 25th June 2016 (to have company, Phil already on board, for all or part of the way would be great, are you interested?). This based on the 12 Cafe Walks with possibly an additional 15 miler tagged on for an encore. Starting at dusk on Friday 24th & finishing before dusk on 25th.

3. West Highland Way in 2 Days (95 miles over mixed terrain). Hoping Dorina & Fraser will be my logistical support.

4. Traverse of the complete Cullin Ridge on Skye (Guided).

5. Summit at least two of the Jungfrau, Monch & Eiger in the Swiss Alps. (Subject to Tim’s availability because I’m not going up there with any other guide no matter how good they are). Hoping Kean might be with me with his Ice Axe on a leash!

6. Completion of The Wainwright’s (157 left to do out of the 214) – Not normally my cup of tea but I do like the Lake District & Fraser has set me on my way so why not.

You may say ‘but Paul they are all Physical’ but that is a bit wide of the mark. All of them also require planning, commitment & determination as well as a positive mindset & they are in keeping with how I have managed to re-build a new life since meeting Dorina in 2010. I am sure in trying to achieve them there will be a set-back or two but nothing like some of those I have had to haul myself over in recent years, so why not, be positive & do your best at what you totally enjoy!

This is not a mid-life crisis type of goal, I’ve been through that, have come through it & now live in the future. If I achieve them the added bonus is that another less specific issue will have taken care of itself.

Other events will come & go during the year (a quick pre-thank you to all those who will help me in one way or the other) but the above are my personal hopeful highlights from a challenge point of view.

Apologies for this very personal blog, but at my age why can’t I shout about it?

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