Paul’s Blog – Posted 24/12/14

Well that’s Christmas all prepared for! With Dorina having a first day off for over a month due to Gaby’s long overdue holiday she was allowed a little lie in yesterday whilst I sorted e-mails & sneaked out for my 7th day running on a trot (the things I’ll do to try & average 5 miles a day this year, don’t tell me Iain I know there is no scientific training approach in that!).

Taking on the Coed y Brenin’s Long Sarn Helen route my alarm levels slowly rose as I gained height & the wind increased. Then the sight of a large pine lying across the track sent them higher still. A quick crawl under it then led to an adhoc fartlek session as I varied speed in relation to the next strong gust/passing trees, think they call it adrenalin rush.

Back home safely after reporting fallen tree to Sian at the centre it was time to head off with a still sleepy Dorina to collect the Goose & a few sundries, no cards or presents just the focus of a good Christmas Meal with our extended family.

In truth my running mileage for the year has taken up much of my thinking (& energy) in recent weeks but this has led to highlights including a really tough hill session with Matt Ward & his team last Thursday evening as well as the Eryri Fun Run on Sunday which, running with my mate Chris for the first half, really was fun.

With 60 miles under my belt in the last week do I really feel like another 70 in 8 days, my biggest motivation is that whilst I’ll be out running I’ll be avoiding all those shoppers in the Sales (no disrespect you understand).

Whatever you are up to over the coming week or so I hope the weather improves for us & that being similarly ‘sane’ I might bump into you somewhere out & up there.

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