Paul’s Blog Posted 21/12/15

I was somewhat annoyed with Myself to say the least as I walked downstairs from the flat above & into the Cafe early yesterday to be met by a lounging Kean & Sandra who were looking considerably better than I felt.

I had for some time been targeting the Eryri Fun run for a final pb for 2015 wanting to beat my previous best from 2011. This benchmark was long overdue a beating having missed it by 3 seconds in 2012. 2013 & 14 attempts were curtailed by running it with Dorina & Chris respectively in ‘Fun’ mode so bring on 2015!! Great planning of an early night leaving the Cafe before 7:00 pm the night before would set me up for my goal, 5 minutes before effecting the plan tragedy struck, is that our friends Rob & Julie entering the cafe? plans, plans, plans sunk by company & wine!

In truth we had a great evening with them but wine, singing & a 1:30 am bedtime were not the plan, looking back, did Kean put them up to it?

Onto the race (sorry I mean Fun run), this is always a great way to lead into Christmas, lovely mixed route, good company, soup, mince pies, raffle all very relaxed & highly recommended, just don’t follow my night before example! I felt physically quite sick by the top of the final climb was more than a little frustrated that Brian in a huge inflatable Santa outfit was ahead of me yet again but then things began to turn despite losing 3 places early on the descent, am I? I am! I’m catching that Santa!! In truth Brian was experiencing massive headwind drag, but I could ignore that, I began to feel better but had the grace to commend his effort as I edged ahead.

5 minutes later & now on the flat another place conceded, then what’s that? it’s rubbing plastic, oh no it’s Santa coming up behind me again! Thankfully the narrow squeeze through the wall was my savior the gap restored I was able to enjoy the long run in to the finish feeling strong & a lot healthier than 42 minutes & 37 seconds earlier. 15th place in a Fun run doesn’t mean a lot but 48 seconds faster than 2011, a final pb for 2015, the madness of the night before was well & truly put to bed. Thanks to Mike Blake & all those who made 4 hours in Llanberis so enjoyable.

I am delighted that club Chairman, Paul Jenkinson, has given me the go-ahead to try & raise an Eryri team for May’s Keswick Mountain Festival Trail races. The 25K route is a cracker as I’m sure the 5K, 10K & 50K are too, if you are interested in a great weekend in The Lakes supporting Keswick in the wake of the devastating floods it would be good to hear from you.

Finally don’t forget we have restricted but still pretty committed opening hours over Christmas & The New Year, details on our facebook/twitter thingies but most notably we are staying open on Boxing Day until 11:00 pm as Alan Manouch hosts our Open MIC Night. His new CD is available from the Cafe, hope you can make it, if you see a glass of wine in my hand you have my permission to say ‘Paul, will you never………..

Happy Christmas & hope to see you at some point.

PS. Think I beat Kean yesterday but I’ll keep that to Myself.

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