Paul’s Blog – Posted 04/03/15

Back now from a great trip Skiing in Morzine, France & good to be in one piece although Dorina whom some would say was far more deserving of a break (holiday kind) than me almost had a real break after an innocuous fall. Thankfully she was able to Ski on after an afternoon off but has a whopper of a bruise & an accompanying limp to go with it. Meals might take a little longer for her to deliver but please be patient otherwise you might be shown that bruise, it will put you off your lunch!

After seemingly back to back drives across Europe in recent weeks it feels good to now be U.K. base for the next few months so that I can focus on the approaching Spring races.

Well if you were reading this & then it stopped at the above Paragraph I apologise, I was interrupted by a friend coming into the Cafe yesterday (today is now the 5th), went to save the draft hit the publish button instead, what can I say, me & I.T.

Back to the intended blog. My plan for Wednesday afternoon was to the a pace test run for this weekends Wrexham marathon, I shall now write about this in the past tense:-

It went well, a 10 miler down the pancake flat Mawdach Trail, it felt like Spring & there was a spring in my step as I settled than a slightly less than consistant ‘race pace’ of around 4:40K pace speeding up just a little on the way back to the car. With splits averaging 3:34 by the end this would see me home on Sunday in circa 3 Hours 13 minutes but of course 10 miles at a pace is a world away from 26.2 miles. Still means my target of 3 Hours 20 looks possible providing my usual problem of tight calves after a ‘fast’ flat pace goes away over the next couple of days. Will trot out later today to see if I can loosen them up a little.

Looking forward to Wrexham, it’ll be something new & by getting me off those puts would seem to be one of those win win moments.

Then it will be onto the Moelwyn’s in April for what promises to be the biggest turnout for a Welsh Fell race for more than 10 years.

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