Paul’s Blog – Posted 02/12/14

Hot on the heels of Friday’s run came another glorious day on Saturday & with Dorina’s permission I escaped the Cafe again for an early afternoon jaunt over to Llyn Crafnant & back. The light & scenery was stunning so my mind began working overtime on how I could stay out longer & turn it into a Half Marathon session. It was an invigorating run with the highlights being my managing to run the steep hill on the return (can’t always say that) & then seeing the stunning mountain reflections in Llyn Mymbyr (camera next time you idiot). Upon returning to the Cafe I happened to mention the reflection to John, Marion & Nick who were later seen brawling for pole position at the lake before managing to capture a stunning sunset whilst I was being rewarded with Pot Washing. One of them (she will remain nameless) even had the audacity to show me her photo’s later over a glass of wine!

It’s now Tuesday, will the clouds clear to expose the snow capped summits we’ve been promised?

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