Paul’s Blog – Posted 01/03/16

Blinked, March already, 50 in 3 weeks & with no plan on how to deal with the day itself!

Well I have been a little more AWOL than normal recently (that’s saying something) but now firmly back in Snowdonia having arrived back from Skiing in time to enjoy a glorious weekend in & around Capel. Three runs in the Spring like air saw me visit Llyn y Parc (always a great route but at 12.6 miles a bit longer than I thought), Swallow Falls & a recce of the Pipedream race route with Phil, he’s planning to take part & having shown him the route I must admit I’m somewhat envious as I’m not running it! Why? Well even I am not stupid enough to race the Pipedream when the Wrexham Half Marathon is on the next day.

A flat Half Marathon, not really me these days but all part of the plan to try for that 3 hour full Marathon target that I’ve stupidly set for Myself. Specific training looks to be making some progress as 2 weeks ago I did a 1:32:30 which was my second fastest Half Marathon ever,given it was only a training run against Myself was pretty pleasing. That said to get down to circa 1:25 which I need to be at if I am to realistic stand a chance for my full Marathon goal does look a bit far off at the moment, still can only try.

Hope everyone taking part in the Pipedream enjoys it, once those 500+ steps are out of the way it really is a great route, good luck to Craig & his Marshalls & of course Phil, may the weather be kind.

This Thursday will see us going live on this years ‘Reach Out for Nepal’ so keep any eye out for a purpose built new page on our web-site as well as new Facebook page.

Finally thanks to my AWOL conspirators aka as Jeremy, Tony, Judy, Alex & Ellie (The Snow Shoe Gang), Fraser (The Wainwright Old Master) & Dorina & Chris (The Skiing Gang). The latter two had to put up with a somewhat sick Paul for 2 days but at least I rewarded their patience with a surprisingly lovely return overnight stop in the town of Arras in Northern France.

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