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Before I get to this blog a very important that you to John, Marion & Johnathan who together posted updates on my run last week & of course this thank you extends to all those who followed my progress too. It felt great to know people were interested in what I was up to, now to more important things:-

As I made my way around Anglesey last week, news began to seep in from the mainland putting my little jog into perspective, it was to be an exceptional week for Fell running in Snowdonia.

First news came via team J & M, someone called Winder had hopped over the English & Welsh borders & claimed the Snowdon Horseshoe record from our own Gareth Hughes who’d only set the new benchmark of 1:24 weeks before. Winder had smashed it by 4 minutes! Did they mean Finlay Wild, indeed they did, what a run!

Next up a Thursday evening call from Dorina, Nicky Spinks has been in he cafe, she had a support team & next day was planning a Double Paddy Buckley round in 48 hours. By the time Team J & M had escorted my tired body back to the Cafe on Friday evening Nicky was already several hours into her attempt. With her support team in & out of the cafe on Saturday we literally got live updates, by late in the day sub 48 hours was no longer on but as ever Nicky’s legs kept spinning. By Sunday Dorina & Gaby had made & decorated her a surprise cake, sadly our doors closed before Nicky successfully completed her Double Paddy, what an achievement, what a mountain distance runner she is. Luckily for us Nicky & her team came into the Tynny where Dorina & I were relaxing after a busy weekend allowing me to blurt a few eulogies & inform them that they had a cake to collect the next day.

Finally shortly after I’d got back to the cafe on Friday Nick informed me that a certain Finlay Wild had smashed the un-beatable, Colin Donelly’s 31 year old record for the Welsh 3,000’s. Colin’s unbelievable 4:19 now stood a full 9 minutes behind Finlay’s. The Scot appeared to have had the audacity to seemingly use Snowdon’s Horseshoe as a warm up, now that’s almost taking the p… All joking aside, simply amazing!

If I have made any name spelling mistakes or inaccurate times, please accept it is simply a shell shocked reaction to first reports as they came in.

I hope to blog on my run tomorrow but for now Finlay, Nicky & your support teams thank you for coming to Snowdonia & stunning us with your achievements!

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