Paul’s Blog – Mick Fowler Presentation

A short blog as a thank you to Mick Fowler for giving a thoroughly enjoyable presentation to a packed café on Saturday night. It was undoubtedly a night among the very best for the café & our thanks too to all those who attended.

Over 3 turbulent evenings since then I read Mick’s book ‘No Easy Way’ the contents of which his presentation was based on. Each page summed up Mick’s spirit & self-deprecating humour to a tee, I turned the last page with regret that there were no more to read. Even more remarkable was the fact that the book was bookended by his receiving such grave news, quite how such a riveting & thorough book was accomplished under such mind blowing circumstances is simply unbelievable, well done Mick, a true inspiration!!

I urge you to read ‘No Easy Way’ & reflect ‘well why not I’, time to be inspired.

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