Paul’s Blog – Maesgum Muddle – Part One

Less than a day away from the inaugural running of what looks to be a great race. My race prep is a bit better considered than that of last weekend for the Cnicht race which consisted of an eleven miler 2 days before, a ten miler one day before (running down to watch the ‘nutters’ in the Tryfan Dash followed by Pete’s memorial) & too much wine at the Café the night before. I realised the insanity of this kind of prep halfway up the climb, just what was I thinking off?
Despite this I eeked a pb of 54:11 but was in truth disappointed.

This week more by circumstances than judgement I have tapered down in readiness for tomorrow impressively with only a late trot out on Monday timed perfectly to coincide with a serious cloud burst, much to the amusement of Friends at the Café, they really don’t get it (probably glad not to) do they!!

As I write this the heavens have opened again but I am still thinking of a repeat trot out under the ‘cover’ of trees even though a couple of ‘friends’ who shall remain nameless have stood me up again. This is becoming serial guys, next time you will be named & shamed, but thanks for the chat anyway.

An early 11:00 o’clock start is not my favourite time & I am sure that the Cynghorion & Foel Goch climbs will lead to my usual self-doubts in the first half of races. This will be exasperated by the fact that with it being part of the British Champs there will be many elite runners to see disappearing towards the skyline. But it is the hope that I will have taken part & hopefully completed in O.K. form that will turn these doubts to elation by the end, I stress, ‘I hope’.

There are rumours of Kean coming out to give me a beating, the gauntlet has been thrown down & the old chap asked Sandra to bend down & pick it up to give to him, so see you there Kean.

Hope the weather clears through by start time, if in the area cheer us on it really does help.

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