Paul’s Blog – Easter Weekend

Thank You’s!

Anyone using the Cafe over the Easter Weekend without having to queue should count themselves as either really lucky or an absolute Master of good timing so congratulations if you were one of those rare souls.

For those who were less fortunate who decided, in my opinion correctly, to hang about & await their turn to be served & then choose or be allocated one of the few available tables your patience & goodwill (almost without exception) was very much appreciated. The fact that you seemed to ‘get’ our system of First Come First served in the desire to be fare to everyone was also warmly appreciated too. Indeed the very few who did not ‘get’ this also need to be thanked for accepting when we pointed out the error of your ways & returned to your position in the queue without serious complaint.

Next up is a thanks to those of you (again only a small number) whom we asked to vacate their tables as soon as you could after they had finished their meals. This allowed us to keep/get the queue moving & feed as many of the patient people awaiting to be served as possible.

Gaby, Ady & Luca (mostly out of sight in the Kitchen) were more often than not producing meals at an incredible rate of nigh on one per minute so congratulations to them for working so hard so constantly. But there’s more to it than a good team of Chefs to be able to serve so many customers over the 4 days. Other critical links in the chain are our counter staff, Dorina, Simona & Alison, aka the ‘Three Smiling Witches’. Smiling is a two way process & it genuinely felt very good to see so much of it going on. Then there is the taking out of food & clearing of vacated tables, for the latter of these thanks to our friends John & Mike for being on ‘duty’ for far longer than was reasonable to ask. Next up the Pot Washer, Alan, believe me I know what it’s like to be stuck on an Industrial Pot Washer for hours on end & Alan was on it constantly for 29 hours over 3 days, incredible effort mate. Next up are our suppliers who delivered literally tons of produce on time day after day, our relationships with them go back more than 11 years & are built on mutual reciprocation. Last but by no means least it’s back to our customers, without you none of this well oiled system would be needed & your part in keeping it in flow by moving on in a timely fashion cannot be understated so again thank you for that.

But as they say every Silver Lining has a Cloud (or something like that) & we had just 2 of those (not bad when you consider we served well in excess of 2,000 people over the 4 days). The first was a large family group who arrived in several cars & promptly went to the most remote part of our garden (behind the hedge) & began to gorge themselves having opened an extremely large picnic bag, not acceptable & your justification that ‘well we do it all the time’ has only one answer ‘not at the Siabod you don’t!’. The second was a guy who lied to Dorina that because he had had such a wait I had offered him a free drink after he’d eaten his meal. Dorina accepted that lie as the truth to keep the system moving but I’ve got Billy no-mates (wonder why he was alone), or should that be Billy liar, clocked & if he comes in the Cafe again he’ll be lucky if I get to him before Dorina does.

But lets end on a deserved high, at the same time that ‘Billy’ was in the Cafe there was another guy on his own eating a Siabod Breakfast. When leaving he came over to me & asked enthusiastically ‘how do I get my hands on your great sausages’ (no he wasn’t a Pakistani porter, another story you may recall) after I pointed him in the right direction he retorted ‘that Breakfast was simply incredible’. As they say, well done Gaby, Ady, Luca et al.

Again I thank you for an exceptional weekend.


PS. Contrary to recent photographs, I did chip in a bit, or so I’d thought.

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