Paul’s Blog – Part Eight

I keep going on about it but time, time, time… just where does it go??

As I write this I believe that all other jobs which I needed to do from home are done & I can now head up to the Café, get a farewell kiss & hug from the ever caring & tolerant Dorina a.k.a. Angel, before setting off on what could well be the hardest Mountain Expedition I’ve done to date, a 6 day Monte Rosa Traverse Alpine Style.

Do I feel prepared? Well physically yes, technically probably thanks to Georg’s help getting me back on ropes the last couple of weeks despite the latest climb leading to near hypothermia in a Thunderstorm without suitable clothing, don’t ask I have a feeble excuse. However mentally with June & early July having been so busy I feel anything but Mentally ready, this partly because my ‘mate’ (Kean, an oxymoron if ever there was one) whom I am going with last week showed me a youtube video of the Lyskamm Ridge Trek which we aim to cross has scared the s… out of me.

Whatever happens it should be a great adventure & will either turn me into a true Alpinist who likes to run in the Mountains as well or simply a Fell runner who cleans pots in a Café. Watch this space to see where my destiny lies.

Short & brief for once, I’ve got a Mountain to climb!

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