Paul’s Blog – Part Seventeen

Having not blogged for a while I can only blame an awful lot of running around (mostly in cars) interspersed with a great first trip to the Pyrenees which saw my off-piste skiing go from extremely poor to extremely poor but my piste skiing move from extremely moderate to moderate. For this ‘improvement’ I have my ski instructor, aka Judy, to thank for her ‘friendly’ shout ‘Paul, you need to plant your poles at each turn’, was there a hint of frustration in her, certainly looked like it but what do I know about women?

That brings me on to last Saturday when two female friends whom had also attended Bob’s memorial service came into the Cafe on there way home. Quite how the conversation got onto them saying ‘Paul, you need to write a book on ‘Everything you know about Women’ & then we’ll edit it for you’. Marion & Dorina were quick to latch on to the idea, presumably all sparked by something I must have said, but god knows what?

So here goes girls:-

        Everything Paul Knows About Women

                         Chapter 1

                         The End

I didn’t get to almost 52 without knowing how to precis, so edit that ladies!

Now moving on to something I do know about, I discovered (in truth I already knew) on a 16 miler down & back the glorious Mawdach Estuary on a springlike (well I was wrapped up a bit) afternoon yesterday that I am seriously under-trained for the forthcoming Manchester marathon in less than 3 weeks time. It can now only be damage limitation as to how far I am going to be behind my pb set 2 years ago in Manchester itself. So I am using the excuse of becoming 52 this Friday to run from home to the cafe to at least get my long run in two weeks ahead of race day. Haven’t quite decided on the direct route (26 miles) or something with less road but longer but either way I’m finding that long runs are the only way to celebrate each passing year, gone are the days when money needed to be wasted on costly Country Hotels, at least I’ve learnt something about me even if I’ve learnt & know nothing about……..

So if you see me looking a bit tired somewhere between Dolgellau & Capel this Friday give me a beep, I promise not to take it as a compliment girls!

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