Parking – Help us to Serve You & Others

Parking is as big an issue as ever in Snowdonia right now but whilst I am willing to express my opinions in face to face discussions I’ll refrain from doing so on these pages.

However as highlighted on John Rowell’s first two you-tube videos we do have our own parking issues at the Cafe. It must be said that the majority of customers have understood this & have stopped leaving cars at the Cafe throughout the day thereby freeing up parking spaces for other customers to use whilst they eat & drink in the Cafe, a big thank you as this really helps us to recover after the Lockdown.

This last week though there were still a number of cars parked for most of any given day in our large car park. Some friends say why don’t you simply charge them a fee but that misses the point that we are not a public car park but a Cafe with parking.

On normal turnaround of customers a single car parking space my contribute in excess of £200 each day to the Cafe’s turnover, could I charge £200 a day for parking, absolutely not! So our approach is simple, education, do the Maths, help us to help you, help us to be here tomorrow, next month & the years beyond. Put simply please move your car on once you have finished your refuelling at the Cafe, it’ll be a massive help to both us & other customers.

Thank you.

Paul, Gaby & Dorina

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