Open MIC/Soul of Snowdonia Gallery

Well by all accounts it was a very successful first Open MIC Night at the Cafe last Saturday (once again my thanks to Michael Roscoe in particular for not just planting the Seed but instigating so much interest in the lead up as well as his Setting Up for the night itself). Also an extended thank you to all those who contributed either as performers or spectators too. We will be doing more of them in the months to come so watch this space & I promise not to miss the next one!

Onto the forthcoming opening of the Soul of Snowdonia Gallery within the Cafe, planned for Saturday 25th January. Yesterday John Rowell, Marion Waine & Nicholas Livesay who I’m sure are no strangers to you met up at the Cafe to finalise Refurbishment plans. Suitably clarified I went to the Builders Merchants first thing this morning to buy the materials & tools needed to bring their vision to life & then couldn’t believe the first song to jump out of the car radio as I headed on towards the Cafe, can you guess? No? Well here’s a clue: The acronym of the Gallery is SOS & in 1975 a little pop group from Sweden, A BAB or something like that (Agnetha was certainly a Bab to this 9 year old at the time) had a hit with, you got there before I did, S.O.S., now is that a good Omen for the Gallery or not.

Having chosen us as the venue for the Gallery we wish John, Marion & Nick every success with their venture, we are fully behind you in your desire to bring the Glories of Snowdonia & Photographic Art to a wider & appreciative audience.

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