Nepal Earthquake – Posted 28/04/10

My experiences in Nepal in 2012 were amongst the most exhilarating & thought provoking of my life & have had a significant impact on what I have tried to achieve since. Despite being very pleased on a personal level the overriding memory of that 4 week trip was the kindness, genuine hospitality & encouragement we received no matter where we were. Of course we only touched the surface of a country & it’s people but whether it was our reception at our Kathmandu hotel, our unbelievable team of Sherpa’s & Porters, the Villager’s on our route some of whom took us into their homes to share a meal with them or the Tamil Traders & Restaurant Staff we met near the end of our trip we always felt unbelievably welcome, they were doing & giving more than we had a right to expect.

To see the trauma they are now enduring is heart wrenching, of course all natural disasters cause devastation & destruction but when it happens in a region where you have experienced something special it naturally hits home harder. My first thoughts were what can I do, should I change the charity beneficiary at this weekends presentation but on reflection I need to be more constructive & thorough in any response to the dreadful plight of the Nepalese people. Therefore I have decided to change the beneficiary on my Siabod Summit Challenge to one yet to be chosen but who are actively involved in the relief effort in Nepal. It could be argued that the need is more urgent than a Charity Challenge to be held in late June, no doubt many including myself will place donations long before then but by planning an event that is two months away I hope we can make it a Challenge where others can take part significantly increasing the monies we can raise.

Please contact me either through the web-site or at the Cafe if you want to join me on Moel Siabod for the Challenge or simply to help in anyway you feel you can.

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