Moel Siabod Race 6th July 2013 – Part Two

Below is the draft race report forwarded to WFRA earlier today, what a day it was!!

Under warm & sunny skies & with a good turnout of 90 runners this Classic race got underway at 14:00. From here-on however things did not go entirely to plan as less than 10 minutes later Ali Thomas came into view running back to us at the start line. It soon became clear that we had a major incident on our hands. Ross Powell who had done such a good job all week in helping me take over the race organising from him had collapsed less than a mile up the route & was in a serious condition. My thanks here to Ellie Salisbury who later clarified the full sequence of events up on the track, I will keep these brief but put simply: Thanks to Mark Wright (Clwydian Range Runner & a Paramedic), Kate Worthington (Eryri Runner & a First Aider), Ellie Salisbury (Vet) & Maggie Oliver for staying with Ross for 25 Minutes until he had stabilised. Also to Dei Jones & Malwyn Evans & Jon Whitehead who stayed at the incident for 20 minutes in case they could be of help. Thanks to Ali Thomas who ran for assistance & is a DNF of the best possible kind & to Joanne Moore who wasn’t racing but helped by running back to us at the start to co-ordinate the MR Vehicle & Ambulance. I am pleased to say that 2 days on Ross is reported as being home & in good health but facing some more tests as an Outpatient, we all wish him & Sheila the very best.
Back to the race itself it was won by Felipe Jones of Aberystwyth in an excellent time of 48:12, Felipe was a Welsh National as a Junior & is of course well known to us all. The Women’s race was won by Anwen Darlington from Sheffield AC, Anwen is an under 23 year old, an Orienteer & apparently has a talent for decending overtaking at least six runners on her way down from the summit. Other category winners were Martin Cliff of Eryri (last years winner) Male O. 40, Steve Toogood Male O.50, Martin Cortvriend Male O. 60 (finishing in the top half), Jayne Joy, Female U. 40, Helen Teasdale Female O.40, Emma Collins Female O.50 & Maggie Oliver Female O.60.
To round off a superb effort in hot conditions (here the wondrous support given to Ross just highlights what a great community Fell Running is) many runners were seen bathing in the river before enjoying a somewhat chaotic Prize Giving in the late afternoon sunshine. My thanks to the Marshalls, Team Dolly Radio Support, Ogwen Valley MR, Paramedic, Ambulance crew for their help, fortunately instances like these are rare but when they were needed they were there & did a great job. Finally my thanks to all the Runners who turned up, for their patience & words of support for what was a great day in Capel Curig.

Well that was the draft report as written but a couple of postscripts seem appropriate, firstly I forgot to thank our friend Susan who helped out with Registration & publishing the results, she was probably as stressed as I was & of course to Gaby for her Goulash, Dorina for being everywhere & Nick for his photography which I am eagerly looking forward to seeing.

Secondly, the race was followed by an excellent music night that kept us up until the early hours, we re-opened the café at 07:30 on Sunday to be inundated by large groups immediately, seven of us did our best but orders backed up & as usual most people understood this & were patient with us. After all we cook everything to order, the Kitchen is only so big & we were warning people of a long wait. Sadly one woman wasn’t patient & was rude to Dorina more than once. I rarely step in but sarcastic comments being chucked around the café when anyone with any sense would see how hard we were trying sometimes have to be addressed so I did so, would do so again & I have simply concluded that she is clearly not a FELL RUNNER & may she never become one until she grows up & learns to treat all people with respect. She probably would have complained that the Ambulance was in her way at the Finish line!

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