London Royal Parks Half Marathon – Post Race Report

Well that’s it! it’s come and gone & all that remains to be done is to share a few details with you, but before I do a few thanks are in order.

Gaby, for you to allow me to set off to London with the support in tow of Dorina just days after our returning from Italy & on a weekend that promised to be busy due to the combination of our Music Night & the Snowman Triathlon says all that needs to be said about you! My thanks & appreciation are heartfelt.

Dorina, as ever your ability to put up with me when I am tense & stressed & to simply will me on to achieve my goals through all my trials & tribulations never fails to amaze me, thank you Angel.

My final thank you goes to all those who have already donated to my chosen charity ‘Get Kids Going’, you know who you are, to set off for London on Saturday knowing that I had already exceeded my

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