Doug Scott CBE

When John Rowell e-mailed me yesterday the heading already told me what I didn’t want to hear. I immediately knew I needed to sleep on my feelings before saying anything. Of course there is so much to say but that will be for a later time.

Doug Scott achieved so much in an extraordinary life most famously in the Mountains but his greatest legacy has to be Community Action Nepal (C.A.N.) the charity he set up when many with such a legacy would have deservedly simply put their feet up. Two decades later with Doug by now in his mid-seventies Nepal was hit by the devastating earthquake in 2015. Most of CAN’s Health Posts & Schools were also raised to the ground, soon monies flowed into CAN at an un-precedented rate, Doug responded in the only way he knew how by throwing his incredible energies into their re-design & re-building at a time when retirement would & should have been his reward. He can rest in the knowledge that not only did he live to see all of these projects re-built but that CAN were taking on new projects for the future of the Nepalese people.

We have truly lost a great man, thank you Doug for bringing so much to so many.

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