Cash is King

Well at least it is if you are visiting the cafe today. At midday yesterday our phone lines went down & this disabled our card machine. We have been onto BT repeatedly to get it fixed but it doesn’t look like a solution will be in place until sometime on Friday 19th January presumably they are a little busy after last night’s storm. Just to be on the safe side you might like to pack some cash if you are planning to visit us this weekend, sorry for any inconvenience caused but Mother Nature reminds us that she can be in charge of our ‘modern’ world.

Talking about inconveniences in order to open the cafe this morning I had to change into Chainsaw operator mode & cut our way out of our house’s driveway at 6:00 am this morning only for the Cafe to suffer a mid-morning power cut which has also affected Betws too. At least we now have power back, Capel back on before Betws could be a bit of a first? 

So that covers things that comes in 3’s or………

Hope you have fared a bit better in the storm, can’t remember it being given a name so maybe it was just a bit of old fashioned weather!

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