Packed Lunches

Experience in the Outdoors helps us to make the right decisions to maximise our enjoyment. One of the key parts of this experience is to make sure we are fuelled up & re-fuelled to meet the demands of our day. Physical exercise pumps up the heart beat & this in turns burns off the calories, this is great for losing weight but without the right fuel before, during & after we will feel weak & not enjoy ourselves. Re-fueling after exercise helps the body to recover.

These facts are clinically proven, we are not dieticians however, everybody has different preferences & routines but we are a cafe where you need one & aim to provide you with a wide selection of options for all stages of your day to help you maintain & recover energy levels to enhance your enjoyment.

Apart from our wide selection of Breakfasts, we have food for the hill, be it our Homemade Siabod Lardy Cake & Flapjacks, Packed Lunches, Energy Drinks & other options all geared to energise you before & during the day.

Our Lunches are not too heavy, so are ideal for a less strenuous afternoon & our late afternoon Teas, Coffees & wide range of Homemade Cakes are a welcoming reward for that hard earned pat on the back.

For full re-fuelling we have a wide selection of Cooked Specials to bring you back to life & reflect on the day you’ve had with a warm glow.

Put simply if you enjoy the Outdoors & the exersion that goes with it you can enjoy our food & not worry about the calories, you need them & they are good for you (one slice of cake at a time though please).

Mountain Fuel
Our Siabod pack lunch
Raisin cake
Energy bars
Shortcake and Flap Jack