A Festivities thank you – Posted 06/01/17

Well I hope you were able to get out over the Christmas Period in what generally appeared to be good weather albeit a little lacking in Snow until New Year’s morning. As for myself it felt like I was tied to the Cafe but did escape on 3 occasions. Firstly on Christmas Day itself after a decidedly long lie-in I got out for my traditional run. It is rare that I shorten a plan but with no pre-run food, a hard run & wine the day before & the weather setting in I ditched the sting in the tail & returned home having clocked up 13 miles of the original 17 mile plan. A long gap then until New Years Eve saw me let on a long leash for a dash up Siabod with an important guest. The winds blew but at the summit the clouds parted to give our visitor the understanding of what it’s all about, she loved it, I returned to the pots. New Years Day saw Dorina on the computer for half an hour trying to enter me in the Snowdon Marathon, at 0:45 her efforts were rewarded & I was in! A sleep was soon followed by my joining 60/80 other like minded souls in the Llyn Llydaw race. Every year I try to avoid getting my feet wet in the puddles on the Miner’s track, why, as soon as you leave it you are running through ankle deep bogs & knee deep streams! My time was O.K., my psyche ecstatic, well done Harvey & your team for organising it once again!

Back on the Cafe front many of you will know we were busy & by that I mean very busy. I cannot remember 7 consecutive days like it so a massive thank you to all those who visited (3,000+ could be conservative), if you had to wait all I can say we did our very best to cope so hopefully your visit felt worth it. I must also thank Dorina, Gaby, Nick, Ady, Simona, Rebecca, Beth, Ady (No. 2), & Luca for working their socks off & cancelling days off in order to help. Last but not least thanks to John & Marion for once again giving their time to help clear tables & (here a little begrudgingly) allowing me to stay out back on the Pots for hours on end.

Now 2017, a plan is needed, have you made yours, does it focus on the Outdoors wherever it can?

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